Inmate and Jail Supplies

United Prison Equipment proudly provides a wide variety of inmate and jail supplies to meet the needs of federal and state departments of correction plus county and municipal law enforcement. Our full range of: detention furnishings; security doors and frames; security windows; security glazing; security hardware; and electronic control systems keep everything from our nation's prison systems and down to local police forces running safely, smoothly and efficiently. Specifically, out inmate and jail supplies include the following:

Detention Furnishings:
United Prison Equipment supplies a full line of Security and Detention Furnishings.

Security Doors and Frames:
Door Types
- Hollow metal with accessories as required including food pass, observation ports, etc.
- Tool resistant bar doors (grillage)
- Bullet resistant doors
- Mesh partitions and doors
- Plate doors

Frame Types
-Heavy gauge hollow metal
-Channel frames
-Bent plate frames
-Split frames
-Tube steel frames

Security Hardware:
Prison Deadlocks
- Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic including jamb mounted high-security electric locks,
door position monitoring hardware, and mechanical prison deadbolts (paracentric).

Sliding Door Devices
- Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic with emergency gang release, mechanical
overrides, remote locking and unlocking, chain drive, and rack pinion system.

Electronic Control Systems:
Central Control Panels, Graphic Design Panels, Door Control Panels and Consoles
- Touch Screens and Programmable Logic Control Systems. Intercoms and Paging Systems, CCTV Total Perimeter Intrusion Detention Systems, Personal Duress Systems, Nurse Call, complete Electronic Security Systems Integration.

Security Windows:
- Fixed and operable; tool resistant bars; aluminum and steel design.

Security Glazing:
- Bullet resistant; polycarbonates, attack-resistant layered polylaminates, bullet-resistant panels.

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